The title of the project, “Zero Space”, is related to the ground floor of Tirana, considered to convey a social role, resizing the city in a human scale. This installation positively interprets a phenomenon that is born as a social one but is turned into an energy that melds our whole lifestyle through the architecture of the city, in a significant intersection of humanity with space.

Curatorial Abstract

Tirana has no resemblance to a “non-place” or “Utopia” (claimed by Thomas Moore as the definition of an imaginary place, a metaphysical one, that does not exist in reality), but in our interpretation, we intentionally shift it into another ancient Greek word “Eutopia” – a good place, a place that makes you feel good, makes you visit it, experience it. It is by this phenomenal diptych that we introduce our Eutopian Tirana.

Experience Pavilion

Tirana’s Zero Space is exposed in a multilayer installation through a sensorial experience created by composing elements that aim to include senses and guide the visitor in a journey perceiving the free space and an essence of the city. The public is therefore involved in sounds, shades, lack of perception of the borders, but at the same time free to modify the visual configuration of the pavilion. Intentionally or not, he becomes a spectator but also the protagonist of creating a spatial form, growing into a tourist, or even more a citizen of Tirana. A diverse ‘eyes on the street’, referring to J. Jacobs, envision an entirety of performances of the everyday scenes are exhibited as urban pixels floating each individually, creating a unique collective recital of the city.

Zero Space